Day of Gratitude Gazette: October 2016

The inaugural Day of Gratitude is now behind us, and what a triumphant outing it was.  Congregating in downtown Raleigh, on the southern end of the Fayetteville corridor, the Day of Gratitude was a gathering of supporters and well-wishers who all shared a heart-felt appreciation for our teachers.  Leading the charge was Day of Gratitude Founder, Karin Cross.  A volunteer of many classrooms, Karin is a staunch advocate for the appreciation of everyday people in our community.  This month’s Day of Gratitude featured teachers.  Upcoming Day of Gratitude celebrations will feature other everyday people who fulfill important roles in our community, everyday people who deserve simple recognition and appreciation.

p1010006We had many passionate supporters at our Day of Gratitude, none more so than the enthusiastic parents and children of Vance Elementary, located on Old Stage Road on Raleigh’s south side.  Several teachers of Vance Elementary received a shout-out from current or past students.

Tyler S., who now attends middle school, wanted to thank Miss Kulesza for being a wonderful teacher.  Jake S. thanked Miss Lee; Jacob D. thanked Miss Desimone and Miss Cooke.  Also offering a shout-out of appreciation was Isabella I. who attends Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy.  She thanked Miss Terry of the Middle School Team.

Also in attendance were some students of a bygone era who wanted to offer remembrance and appreciation for teachers who made a difference in their lives.  Fred C., a student of Emerson Junior High in Michigan in the 1970’s, still recalls his metal-shop teacher, the late Mr. Rumon.

“I look back now,” Fred wistfully recalls, “and realize that many of the unusual subjects he taught weren’t exactly part of the curriculum.  Such as making soap out of deer fat and bone.  That has nothing to do with metal shop.  But it interested him and he, in turn, made it interesting to us.”

Thank you for all of those who helped make Day of Gratitude a ringing success!  You are appreciated for your appreciation.p1010011

The Day of Gratitude is a fledgling global initiative intending to help bring balance into today’s increasingly divisive society.  This is a growing movement with aims of putting positive feelings and feedback into our communities.

As Day of Gratitude’s business card and motto proclaim: You’ve been thanked!  So don’t be surprised if someday a pleasant stranger offers you a business card and a smile that both say “thank you.”



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