There are lots of ways to participate in this

Global Gratitude Movement:


  • Join us at a local Appreciation Flash Mob.  Find a Mob near you.


Crowd-of-Happy-PeopleWhat are Appreciation Flash Mobs?

Appreciation Flash Mobs are groups of co-workers, friends, family and community members who gather together on Day of Gratitude to wave signs and banners that say such things as “Thank you,” and “We appreciate you.”  Appreciation Flash Mobs are brief, about 30 minutes, and are usually held in central locations like city parks or outside locations where the people we are appreciating that month work.

An Appreciation Flash Mob might also be a group of people creating their own message of gratitude in their own locations and sharing it with the rest of the world through Social Media.  Connect and share with us on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram.


Other ways you can Join the Movement:

  • If you own a business, consider offering a discount or special treat as a token of your appreciation,
  • If you’re an artist, consider an artistic display or demonstration of your appreciation,
  • If you are a school teacher, consider sharing information with your students about the particular group we are recognizing that month and take a picture of your students expressing their appreciation in their own unique way,
  • Come up with your own way to show your gratitude,
  • And definitely share your pictures and videos of you, your friends, family and co-workers expressing your gratitude and appreciation for whomever we are celebrating that month.