wake-forest-bojanglesRae Rae Armstrong, Katie Robati, Raven Fitzgerald and Ms. Rita, with¬†Bojangles’ in Wake Forest,…YOU JUST GOT THANKED!

What a beautiful post on Wake Forest’s Community Information group page and a testament to the difference that people make in our communities and in each others’ lives through the work that they do.

Thank you, Rae Rae, Katie, Raven and Ms. Rita, for the work that you do, the fun and love that you put into your work and for uplifting so many in our community. Ladies…you ROCK!

Following is a post from a Wake Forest customer about these wonderful women:

“These 3 young ladies work at the Bojangles here in Wake Forest and they know how to treat their customers right. They always make their customers smile and laugh. They always make sure your order is correct. I don’t know what I would do without these ladies because I love talking to them and goofing around with them. I don’t have a picture of another lady but the other lady who is also the best is Rita and she cleans the dining room. Rita also makes sure the customers are happy. She keeps the dining room clean and always goes to the customer and ask how their day is. These 3 ladies in the picture and Ms Rita care about their customers. Love you ladies.”

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