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Wednesday, September 21st, is World Gratitude Day. 

It is also our first official Day of Gratitude.  

On that day, we will celebrate by hosting our first ever

Appreciation Flash Mob.

UNTIL THEN… and to get our Gratitude Vibes flowing,

September 1st we’re kicking off a

21 Day Gratitude Challenge Logo 2

As little as 68 seconds each day focused on Gratitude will improve Your Life and Your World.


Take the Gratitude Challenge

  • Each day, for 21 consecutive days, spend 68 seconds thinking about how someone enhances your life and well-being. Show your gratitude to them on your Facebook page and nominate at least one other person to join the challenge and do the same!

  • In your post, use #DayofGratitude & #21daygratitudechallenge  and remember to nominate someone to spread the love!


Sample Post

It’s Day 1 of the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge! I am grateful for _____________ because _________________.  I nominate ______________ to join me on this uplifting journey! #DayofGratitude #21daygratitudechallenge


Stuck on who to appreciate or just want to learn more about the challenge?  Go to Day of Gratitude’s Facebook page for inspiration and information.


Take the Challenge


To get the most out of this Gratitude Challenge:

  • Spend more than 68 seconds feeling gratitude and appreciation for someone;

  • Write it down. Create a Gratitude Journal and simply write down the person you are appreciating each day and why.

  • FEEL the gratitude. Make sure this in not just a mental exercise but that you are getting into the emotion of gratitude and appreciation.  That’s where the real power is.

  • Tell them or show them. The greatest impact from gratitude comes when you tell or show others that you appreciate them and what they contribute to your life.  Send a note, tell them in person, send flowers…whatever you are inspired to do to show your appreciation.

  • Post a Thank You to them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and include #dayofgratitude and #21daygratitudechallenge.  Send them the link or tag them, and help spread your Gratitude Vibes around the world.

  • Help your friends, loved ones and co-workers experience the power of gratitude.  Nominate at least one new person each day to participate in this 21-day gratitude challenge.

Take the Challenge

Why participate in a Gratitude Challenge? 


What’s in it for YOU?

Besides the fact that it’s fun, feeling and receiving gratitude makes us happier as individuals.  And when we are happier, we are also:

  • Healthier

  • Wealthier

  • Smarter

  • More Creative

  • More Focused

  • More Productive

  • More Peaceful

  • More Hopeful

  • More Connected

In addition, appreciating others for the contributions they make to our communities, helps you:

  • Recognize and reflect upon the value that you provide to your community as well – which leads to greater connection and personal fulfillment.

  • Develop better relationships with everyone in your life.

  • Make better decisions.

  • Raise your energetic vibration, which then attracts more people and circumstances into your life to enjoy and appreciate.


What’s in it for our World?

When we express and feel gratitude on a regular basis, we are happier more often, and we begin to influence the people around us.  Over time, we have a direct impact on the well-being of our community and people around the world.

This Gratitude Challenge will:

  • Raise awareness of the contributions that we all make to the health and well-being of our communities.

  • Help others experience greater pride and personal fulfillment in their work as you express appreciation for the work that they do.  They will naturally want to do an even better job for their community.

  • Evoke a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in our communities.

  • Help us solve our problems much more easily and peacefully.

  • Attract greater abundance and well-being into our communities.

  • Unleash the Maharishi Effect in communities world-wide. When as few as 1% of a community’s population focuses on Gratitude, the collective consciousness of the entire community is uplifted.


Whether you are motivated to uplift your own life or whether you have a desire to change the world for the better, the RETURN ON INVESTMENT of feeling gratitude for 68 seconds a day for 21 days is UNLIMITED.

Think about it…68 seconds for 21 days equals a total of 1,428 seconds or 23.8 minutes.  For just under 24 minutes over the course of 21 days, you can drastically change your life for the better while simultaneously positively influence and benefit the people around you and your community.





Take the Challenge

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