Day of Gratitude is a Global Gratitude Movement.

Day of Gratitude_VERTICAL_Logo_CMYKThrough daily Social Media posts and a once a month public local event, people from around the world come together to express their appreciation for people who work in a particular field and their contributions to our lives and communities. Each month, we highlight a differenct profession or job.

By shining a light on the roles that we all play in helping our communities thrive, we uplift the people we are appreciating as well as ourselves.
The Maharishi Effect applies to Gratitude as well as to meditation; and as Gratitude is practiced by more people in more places around the world, we will begin to experience a general uplifting of our Planet.  This Global Gratitude Movement can help usher us into a more loving, peaceful and prosperous period for all of us.

Watch Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website to get in on the fun and excitement. This is one of those “Be the Change” opportunities that really does change the world.


What inspired Day of Gratitude?